The Practical Guy

I've been looking at the search strings that bring people to my journal. "Love limericks" and "Birthday limericks" are popular choices. It seems like there is still an unmet need for limericks.

Although the limerick form is most often associated with ribald humour, I think it should be possible to write amusing limericks that express emotions like love. I like a challenge, so I'll take as my topic:

The Practical Guy's Love Limericks

Listen now to my limerick of love,
with the moon as my witness above.
As a practical guy
I declare that I'll try
to be yours 'til you give me the shove.

You wanted a guy who's in touch
with emotions and feelings and such.
Let's sit down and share,
lay our deepest thoughts bare.
Is it all right if I don't say much?

Of course, babe, you know that I care.
I was paying attention, I swear.
Didn't I say before
how I really adore
that new thing you've done with your hair?

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