For Friends

Friends leaving work:

We're hoping at your new frontier
you'll find a rewarding career.
When you reminisce
we know that you'll miss
all us Dilberts and Wallys back here.

At lunch to his health we all drank
as we sipped and said farewell to Frank.
He quit this job's pain
when he saw he could gain
a career and more bucks in his bank.

This one was for a work colleague who left to marry a guy who shared her own strongly traditional cultural background.

An Egyptian princess named Sherine
Met a guy who would make her his queen,
So she gave up her job
To be with her heart-throb...
Let's hope she can wash, cook and clean.

For Rats over at

When I come home at night with my brain bent
I relax with your rat "rantertainment".
I enjoy each vignette
in your Dead Rat gazette,
so thanks from this bawking insane gent.

For Linda on a bad day:

One look from an ill-tempered Linda
an inch of plate steel wouldn't hinder.
On one of those days
her grim, ghastly gaze
could reduce the whole world to a cinder.