Pirate Love Limericks

I get quite a few google hits from people searching for pirate limericks. Following on from the love limerick theme, I thought I'd try writing a couple of "sensitive love limericks of the poetic pirate". (Okay, it's really just an exuse to write silly piratey pickup lines.)

I've seen storms that'd rip off yer clothes
and hell's fire in the eyes o' me foes.
But avast! I declare,
lass, yer makin' me stare
'cause I've ne'er seen sails like those.

Me beauty, I've been lost at sea
all me life 'til I laid eyes on thee.
Get some grog in ya, lass,
as yer givin' me sass;
Aye, then come dance a hornpipe wi' me.

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