Limericks about Cats

A curious cat likes to climb,
so why should that be such a crime?
Don't get all upset
when your pretentious pet
meows: "Please let me have a good time."

To avoid any misapprehension
you may like to note my convention
of yowling to test
if you really need rest
or are wanting to pay me attention.

"Your judgement is heading downhill.
I fear you are mentally ill.
You must lack a brain
or be quite fond of pain
if you think you can feed me that pill."

Just ignore them when you're busy stalking.
When they call for you, just keep on walking.
Treat them all with disdain.
You don't have to explain.
When in doubt, let your tail do the talking.

In the morning an east window's best.
After midday migrate to the west.
If you sleep the whole day
then at night you can play
by pretending you're demon possessed.