Limericks with Spoonerisms

A truly incredible ape
took flour, some gin and a grape,
and whipped them to mousse,
then fried to produce
a truly inedible crepe.

There once was a huge shambling ape
whose knuckles were likely to scrape
on the ground as he moved
and he said this just proved
he was born with a slow ambling shape.

There once was a young teary bird,
abandoned the nest, so I've heard.
She had to think twice
'cause her mother was nice,
but her father's an old beery turd.

There once was a sensible fox
who dressed for convenience, not shocks.
Her jackets - they rule,
and her boots - they were cool,
but she wore indefensible socks.

There once was a proud priestly bear
with a horribly loud beastly prayer
which he kept on repeating
to cover the bleating
of lambs sacrificed in his lair.