About an Icelander who was not quite a saint:

Gumundur Arason,
Bishop of Hlar and
Abseiling ace,

Cut short his job as a
Graciously granting the
Wicked their place.

I found the Icelandic folk tale of the consecration of Drangey's cliffs amusing. Superstition had built up around the deaths of experienced bird-catchers who worked the sheer cliffs. Gumundur Arason "the Good" (1161-1237) set out with his holy water and a crack crew of clerics to fight the fearsome forces of evil, working from the foreshore, from a boat, or suspended from the tops of the cliffs where necessary. During one bold belayed blessing, a grey hairy hand emerged from the rock and started to slice his rope with a sabre. A voice told him to bless no more, since the wicked needed a place of their own, too.

About familial foibles of fire ants:

Diploid queen fire ants
Clone themselves daughters to
Be the next queens,

Giving them life via
No need for males to get
Into their genes.

Haploid male fire ants
Stoically cope with a
Karma to spurn,

Living their history of
Roots a glass ceiling but
One that won't burn.

See Wasmannia auropunctata for more details.

About Nigerian scam email:

Miriam Abacha,
Widow of former
Nigerian chief,

Seeks your assistance to
Hold thirty mil for her
Family's relief.

Inspired by Making Light.

About Star Wars III--Full of Sith:

Anakin Skywalker
Begs a fair trial for
Chancellor Pulp,

Then slaughters character
Keeping Darth trite for the
Public to gulp.

About Spiderman 2:

Ipsilly Wipsilly
Peter the Spiderman,
Feeling effects of his
Fragile male pride,

Loses his squirt and gains
Fed by the veiled threat:
Here Comes the Bride.

About Shrek 2:

Ogre-ly Ogle-ly
Justin R. Timberlake:
Found in Fiona's room
(But not by choice)

When Andrew Adamson
Placed a pop pun to the
Love of her voice.

For those who haven't seen the movie, there is a poster of Sir Justin in Princess Fiona's (voice by Cameron Diaz) room: a wink at Cameron's current real-life romance with Justin.

Shahriar Afshar is stirring things up. It would be wonderful to see a couple of quantum interpretations bite the dust but there's probably more here than meets the photon detector. Analog: A FAREWELL TO COPENHAGEN?

Wantonly Quantumly
Physicist Shahriar
Finds the dark fringes of
Double-slits not

Wholly consistent with
Throwing out Bohr-ing old
Photons as rot.

About Fahrenheit 9/11:

Snickety Snarkety
Michael Moore's Fahrenheit
goes forth to theatres
dressed up for war:

"Bring it on boys; call me
then watch my customers
come back for Moore."

About Cephalopods:

Two-spot the octopus
Suckers his snacks with his
Tangly physique,

Munching his meals with a
Chitinous crab-opening
Muscle-bound beak.

Tabloid Canadian
Libels the Humboldt with
Fishermen's tales,

Marking himself as a
First to be food when the
Old one prevails.

Gigas (Dosidicus),
Migrating north from its
Home in the deep,

Causes reporters to
Paint purple prose while the
Old guy's asleep.

Inspired by Florid squid prose.

About Madonna becoming a religious icon for the L.A. Kabbalah Center:

Starbalah Schmarbalah
Old Rabbi Phillip Berg
found that the brightest stars
beamed rays of light

into the realms of the
celebritocracy --
now the Madonna can
re-clothe in white.

About a mouse with no father:

Pattery, pattery,
Kaguya, mouse-daughter
born of a virgin doe
with no male spouse:

sisterhood's saviour; her
name shall be Mouse.

About what happened at work one day:

Wriggledy jiggledy,
Kevin the cockroach was
cooling his heels in the
slammer for theft;

Bagged by St. Clement, our
crumb-cribbing comrade
made exit stage-left.

For Teresa's CafePress Site:

CafePress! CafePress!
TNH Light-Maker's
Tangible Artifacts
Go on display;

Reified Sentiments'
Show off your geekiness;
Get yours today.

One that was included on the Comment Thread Mug:
(which is not a strict double dactyl)

Vowelivore vowelivore
Making Light's only law
says we must never bore
with what we write.

Let all your thoughts outpour
but should you make us snore
then you can kiss all your
vowels goodnight.