Fixed login screwup

I found out what was causing login problems from the main login box. It wasn't Drupal being funky. It was one of my backward compatibility attempts -- trying to redirect old search index entries to the new URL mapping. Fortunately easy to fix.

Drupal login problems

Looks like Drupal is doing some strange things with login. If I click the login link for adding comments, it lets me log in. If I use the login panel on the upper right side it fails.

New accounts disabled

I've disabled new account creation temporarily - at least until I can install a quasi-Turing test to prevent the invasion of the robots. Those who used to be able to post comments on the VirJournal should still be able to log in and do so. For others, there's still the contact form (linked from the bottom of the page) if you're wanting to make initial contact.


I've now converted my blog and scrapbook to Drupal. It's a big content management tool to use for a little single user blog, but I wanted to try out Drupal as a candidate for reworking The OEDILF into a highly integrated, more manageable site. So far Drupal looks like it has the goods.

Reconsidering blog tools

As the memory of cleaning out hundreds of spammy comment posts is fading, and a large task looms (exporting old blog entries and importing them to a new tool that may suffer the same spam-bait problem, or writing/modding my own spam-resistant custom blog code), I'm reconsidering my plan. I shall try out the new Pivot upgrade.

I've updated now.


There are a few things that seem wrong, like the archives having missed most of what they should include, but it's working and comments should be enabled now.

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