Think of the Children!


Abusing his ultimate power, without an iota of thought for any of them, he terminated millions of young lives. Admittedly it was instantaneous - painless - but they were alive and now they’re not: hobbies and projects... gone; desires to impress friends and parents... gone; aspirations... gone. Not just potential lives - these were developed personalities with relationships. Gone.

With one thoughtless act he erased every record of their existence. No history books or grave records note their passing. This is an obliterated generation.


All so that his protagonists could meddle themselves a happier future. Time travel is repugnant.

Wake Up


Opened my eyes, glanced at my eyes-up status. What?!?

It's a month since I remember going to bed, or else my clock is fritzy. There's a stack of messages waiting with subject lines like "Glad you backed up?", and "What a brilliant way to die!"


Another life loss. Insurance premiums will be murder. I wonder how I went this time. Time to review the life-log for my last day. And this time, no denial: what I see and hear in my log is what I did, even if it seems weird seeing events without the accompanying thoughts.

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