Endless Forms Most Beautiful

A while back, I submitted Tiktaalik roseae as a topic suggestion for Mike Snider's Weekly Sonnet. He took up the suggestion and produced Endless Forms Most Beautiful. This link will probably point to a different poem a week from now. Whether or not the poem is still on the weekly sonnet page when you get there, Mike's draft page gives a quick glance at the thought process that led from two words (the name of a recently discovered fossil) to 14 lines of poetry (that evoke pages of thought about history, knowledge, growth, transformation).


Virne, thank you for your very kind words and for the link—and for the suggestion! I struggled to find a way into the poem until I read Neil Shubin's piece at The Edge.

Can't type, can I, Virge? Sorry about misspelling your name.

No problem, Mike. It doesn't worry me in the slightest.

I remember some years ago having someone (flatteringly) confuse me with Vernor Vinge--easy name confusion, similar geeky background, similar lack of hair... ;-)

Great job with the poem. Thanks for the link.