Driving to work has become a habit now. I realise that I haven't even thought about riding my bike to work in the last month. It's just more convenient: drop the kids off at school; drive to work; drive home again after work.
Listening to music is easier in the car. The Women At The Well CD has been in the car player for about a week now. It's a compilation of various female singers performing Paul Kelly songs. Paul says: "I write songs for women because they ask me to and because it's fun. I don't know what it's like to be a woman but I know some of the things they say." I think my favorite songs from the CD are Beat of Your Heart (sung by Christine Anu) and She's Rare (sung by Rebecca Barnard). Beat of Your Heart surprised me because it is a classic 80's disco-ish pop song. It's the type of song that normally blends into the background and doesn't gain my attention. It just grew on me. Maybe it's the line about reading out Poe tales by firelight that resonates with memories from the distant past.
It was very foggy last night. I went outside to try my hand at a photographic cliché - "street lamp in the fog". I haven't downloaded the pictures from the camera yet.
It was still pretty misty this morning. As I drove down the hill I could see layer after layer of trees fading to the horizon. The mist was just thick enough to create ghostly silhouettes of each tree rank - desaturating into a grey sky. I had my camera. I looked at the time. I kept driving.