Would you like pain with your order?

I remember seeing a tattoo/piercing shop in SoHo, advertising its services: "Your choice. With pain or without."

This slogan came to mind when I read an "embryo rights" comment in an article on producing a cancer-free child. Josephine Quintavalle, of Comment on Reproductive Ethics, said:

“We mustn’t forget the embryos that were not given a chance to live. This is a worrying application because we are looking at a condition that is treatable.” 

Go Josephine! Yay! Let's demand the right of every unborn child to experience chemotherapy and eye surgery as they grow up! Let's keep pretending that every little ovum that dies before it's fulfilled its destiny is a tear-jerking tragedy, the unwarranted death of an innocent, the unmourned loss of another potential Mozart.


Yes, Josephine. Some embryos die. A person chose which embryo would be allowed to survive. That choice was made on the basis of preventing future pain, instead of leaving the decision to blind chance. Why is this a worrying application?