The Wisdom of Lu-Tze

  • You can leave decorative pawprints all over the mousemat after you've explored the dust behind the computers.
  • Humans wake up if you spring onto their faces in the middle of the night.
  • Keyrings can be fun if you hold the keys with your claws and chew on the ring.
  • Bedcovers have edges. Find an edge, wriggle under it and bite whatever moves.
  • If nothing moves, find something that feels like it might move when you bite it.
  • Headphone cords are really the tails of wild creatures.
  • Any computer game box is big enough to fit a kitten. Any fitting difficulties can be solved by biting the lid.
  • Humans never learn to anticipate an ankle attack from under a bed.
  • Of all the keys on a computer keyboard, the Sleep key is the best one to step on.
  • Humans find it hard to type when you're gnawing their thumbs.


Ah, teh wisdom .... *nods sagely in attempts to appear enlightened*.

Thanks for the smile, my friend. =)