Why do birds?

(The things you see when you haven't got your camera.)
It is 7:45am on a crisp morning. Virge & son are in the car at the tennis court car park waiting for the rest of the boys' team to arrive.
Enter the Mudlark.
Larry (what better name for a larrikin mudlark) flutters down onto the car bonnet. He clicks up to the edge of the windscreen and hops onto the driver's-side windscreen wiper. He looks in at me, half a metre away behind my shield of toughened glass. He looks right, then left, then peck - his beak is turned aside by the smooth glass. He flaps, hovers a few centimetres above the bonnet, then lands on the wiper again. Peck - and his beak slips sideways again. How long will this continue? He seems pretty keen. One of the tennis team managers wanders over to say hello, so Larry decides to put aside his aspirations and take to the air.
Exit the Mudlark.
Isn't it great when nature provides entertainment while you wait?