Web site

Last night I updated the appearance of my web-site and decided it was time to increase its exposure a little. (Hmmm that reminds me - I must add Pants Ex Machina to my fun page.) I added a links page to link to other writers and added some EK members' sites, then posted on the link-exchange threads. I guess I really should buy a domain name and some decent server space sometime. Yahoo/geocities has been pathetic lately - I get about a 50% reject rate when I try to log on to read mail or upload pages. "Try again later" is something I can put up with if I get it once or twice a week, but lately I've been getting it once or twice a day, and "later" seems to mean wait at least 15 minutes. The good old days when free services worked seem to be fading. That was back in the 20th century, when companies were staking their claims in the information gold-rush.

Since I was planning to submit Pig to that short story competition, I'd better print it tonight and send it off. The competition closes 31st July. I have no feedback from EK so far. I guess if I was prepared to wait another week I'd get some. I didn't allow enough time.