There are lots of things that I should get back to doing. I have a list waiting to be addressed but I feel drained.

The big family party is over (that wedding anniversary for ParentsInLawOfVirge). Our living areas were filled. Seventy-six people at a party take a lot of room. The cats were smart. They hid under the bed for most of the afternoon.

Back when I was preparing the invitations for the event, I penned a limerick that didn't go on the invitation. You'll understand why:

As we look back on 50-odd years,
Drop around and enjoy a few beers.
We can dwell on the past--
How it slipped by so fast--
And shed tears in arrears for our peers.

To be fair, there was a lot of reminiscing going on at the party, but no tears for deceased friends (at least not shed on my shoulder).


ParentsInLawOfVirge. Glad to see you capitalized the Of. Like making a new German word.

I enjoyed your prank. It reminded me of a Tom Swift story about a homework machine intended to save time but whose making meant the gang did more work than the rest of the class.

We do end up putting a significant effort into having fun. Last year's fun was a huge undertaking, which was one of the things that convinced a lot of people that it couldn't have been a hoax.

This year's little jaunt was good for me because it provided inspirations to work from, and some timing constraints to focus my efforts. I find it difficult working from a completely blank slate: inspiration hits; I'll start writing something; then the next day I'll wonder how it could ever have been worth starting.