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Virge! Hullo :] I had no idea that you had a website up -- it looks great! I shall now go and browse around a little more.

this has been an uplifting experience, thanks Virge ;)

Great site Virge :) Lots of fun and talent :D

No longer a lurker at your site Virgilanti, I materialize to be able to applaud your poetry, versatility, fantastic photography & delightful sense of humour.

Very creative and a plus in your photography...great!

< 3 !

I found your site while searching Yahoo for the word "limericist," which I wasn't certain was real, or had I invented the word. I enjoyed your limericks, making me wonder if you hear the limericks on the weekly news quiz show "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on National Public Radio. Check out the show, which features three limericks each week, each realted to the week's news, and the person phoning in has to fill in the last word or phrase. Keep up the fine work. - Mike

Your limericks are the most brilliant of all. Are you right-brained/left-brained as a scientist-poet? Seemingly. Anyway, they're addictive and an inspiration to a budding limericist.
Did you enter the WP contest? I did.

While sipping an aged Chianti
She pondered the man Virgilanti.
"Does he write for the money?
Or just to be funny?
Does it pay for each year's new Avanti?"

Loved the Tromba da gamba hoax.

Love the site Virge, how many OEDILFers actually visit you?

i could not find your e-mail on this website (i didnt spend much time looking though) i just wanted to tell you that your website is a googlewhack for the words transcendentalism and acetylsalicylic


Thanks rudiger.
There's probably a rich supply of googlewhack-juice in the oedilf definitions. The transcendentalism + acetylsalicylic whack was from a lucky coincidence between a page of one author's limericks with a randomly chosen limerick in the page banner. It's a googlewhack that might disappear the next time google indexes the OEDILF pages.

Very funny and witty and intelligent !


I guess a few OEDILFers pop in from time to time. My blogging's so inconsistent I doubt I can sustain a crowd of regular readers.
Thanks for your thoughts, MAGA.

Nice Site....I guess....*laughs* DIAF this place sucks..

loved your galleries, The Garden pics are simply beautiful !!!

Hello, Virge. I wandered over here from OEDILF. Cool site. I'm at work so my time is limited to a short visit, but I'll come back when I can stroll rather than sprint.

Thanks for your interest and help on my first two submissions to OEDILF. I'm learning. I've spent an hour perusing your website...very interesting and informative, and I'll be back.


Those galleries are the best!

Hey. ..Just surfed in... love the site! Really neat-o ^-^

Nice site great work

I shall
Have to try
Composing my own,
Unrepentant geek that I am.

Yay, Virge! Thanks for being funny, insightful you, and for running the OEDILF's site. Keep up the fine work.

this site be cool i found it at school that was not meant to be a poam i agree with you every day should be talk like a pirate day

Excellent site, added to favorites!!h

What's happened to the OEDILF site Virge? I can't get onto it.

Hmmm. It's having some problems. I'll see what I can find out.

OK Virge... hope its nothing to do with the troubles Chris is having?

We're back to working.
There was about half an hour during which the server wasn't responding (or was so slow that the site was effectively unusable). I can't see any obvious reasons in the logs.

Great site Virg. I love it so much I want to squirt cream into evey available orifice in my body. Thanks.


Why didn't my link work!!">lessermatters

I love nice weather outside

i love this page oooooooooooooooooo

Fantastic Website. I absolutely loved it! Keep up the excellent work.

Hello Virge
Sorry to be contacting you first with a complaint, when for months I've been marvelling at the amazing OEDILF website, and what a brilliant job you do there. However, it's not playing this morning...
Best wishes, Dottie.

Hey, Virge, question for you: I was just listening to music and watching the visualizations on Windows Media Player, and they really seemed to flow with the music and mean something. It seemed like a strange thing that these randomly generated visualizations should have such a close bond with the music. I know that some of the input for the program comes from the music itself, but even so, how smart can the algorithm be? It doesn't know what's going on in my mind.

I was interested in getting someone's opinion. When I thought about who I might ask, you seemed like the perfect person. A smart and very articulate guy, whose opinion I respect a great deal, with a background in computers and wide-ranging interests.

So (now that I've buttered you up) what's your take on it? Is music able to convey relatively complex things through simple cues (volume, pitch, changes in pitch), and can those same cues be reflected in a visualization to the same effect? Or do the music and visualization convey only relatively simple things, which in turn are the cues for my mind to amplify on? Or is the whole thing a projection: what I hear in the music, I project onto the visualization, which in reality does not reflect the music except in a very simple way? What do you think?

Great question, Judah. I started typing here but my answer was getting too long, so I've posted it as a blog entry:

Virge: Just happened to stumble on your page, and note an Art Bates had penned a couple of lines, honestly, Virge, it wasn't me.
art bates WE, Author 1295 (I think)

I guess it's always possible that there are two OEDILFers named Art Bates. An OEDILF name isn't always a person's real name.

Is there a reason that Google no longer indexes the OEDILF? You lose a lot of recognition when you decide to drop off Google's map.

Was Google your target, or were you concerned about other spiders? Was it a matter of server load, or something more nefarious? Inquiring minds wish to know.

Thanks for the reminder. We were getting hammered by spidering and google was one of the heaviest culprits. My short term solution was to disallow all robots, intending of course to go back and analyse the load and change some of the internal page linking to "nofollow" to prevent the bots from having to navigate the site multiple times (by author, by word, by topic...).

That particular task had fallen off the end of my to-do list.

Virge, is this you?

No, not me. I'd guess someone liked my template limerick and decided to write their own, but it's quite possible that they stumbled on the same idea independently.


From Here to China! (a story in 55 words.)

As kids, Skip and Joey knew that if you dig deep enough you will find China. But they always got bored before the hole went much past their knees.

They grew up and the legend faded.

Two young marines were stationed near Shanghai.

While out digging fence holes they wondered, was this their ticket home?

Hi Virge,
... In OEDILF I was once known by my initials, psh. Today, I noted Carol June Hooker's OEDILF contribution on the word "bluecoat", inspiration for which was attributed to me. I congratulate her on a fine bluecoat effort. Should Carol June or anyone want to contact me, my email address is
All the best,
P. S. Hamilton (psh)

Good to hear from you psh. I've forwarded your message to Carol.