Did I describe today as Thursday the Overlooked? What else could it be? It's the overlooked sibling of the world-famous (or should that be world-infamous) *cue sinister pipe-organ chord* Friday 13th. One must always be wary of the overlooked sibling. He is dangerous. He doesn't like living in the shadow of greatness and he can only take it for so long before the pressure builds up and up and up and he doesn't know what to do but he knows he doesn't want to be anything like his sibling so he has to latch onto anything that will help him define his existence and raise his head above the legacy that threatens to choke him in suffocating unfair comparisons and SNAP.
What will this Thursday bring? If Friday 13th is known for bringing bad luck, satanic masses, grave desecrations, and moon-lit cavortings, then how should we expect Thursday the Overlooked to react? With random acts of respect and senseless acts of quiet conservatism? How can poor Thursday 12th hope to be noticed?
Thursday 12th seems to be doomed to frustrated anonymity. He's looked deep inside himself and knows that upstaging Friday is impossible now... unless... maybe... the ultimate trump card; the way to be remembered - forever; the way to get rid of all Fridays because there won't be any other days after
"Apocalypse Thursday!"