But the Tale Goes On

In years of happy ever after
Even geese could dream
Of singing songs of light and laughter,
So she hatched her scheme.

She raised her voice in wacky wit
And wondered if some day
She'd ditch this gold-egg-gig and split,
Forgoing steady pay.

But Jack was gentle, Jack was safe,
And jobs like hers were rare.
(That years of choking eggs could chafe,
Her chum seemed unaware.)

The more she sang the less he listened;
Little would he hear,
Contented that the gold still glistened,
Growing year by year.

And so she knew her dreams were dead--
Her ditties: bland and trite.
The goose, too bored to leave her bed,
Then bade the world good night.



(more noisy sniffling)

(more noisy sniffling, still).

Nicely done! Jack reminds me of my ex!

Coincidence, but I saw "Into the Woods" on Saturday night. All the happily ever after of the first act turns to shit in the second. Price Charming cheats on Cinderella. Rapunzel can't get over her mother's awful treatment, realizes she can never be happy. The widow of the giant Jack killed comes after him.