Ahhhh, Melbourne! I sit at my keyboard with windows open to welcome the cool change.

Lights dim and flicker. Three out of four computers reboot pulling brave adventurers out of their otherworldly quests. My computer was lucky, having just enough capacitance to ride out the power glitch. Just as well too. I didn't want to have to restart the backup, which has been taking an age.

It's 8:50pm and there's still enough light to see leaves and small branches being blown up in the air over our neighbour's house. The storm's destructive, but I welcome it. After 41 degree heat yesterday and 43 today, the sudden cool is bliss—violent bliss, but one takes what one can get.

The backup's nearly done now. 120Mb so far. Oh, fragile overhead powerlines, hold out for another few meg, please.


Heh, hard to imagine... Where I am it's quite clement for the season - as high as -10 today - but this morning it was -18 and frost was forming on the inside of my nostrils...%-)

-10, -18, "clement"...
*shakes head*
*tries to ignore the minus signs*

Heh, heh... Really like your content, by the way. You should update more often:)