The stars made me do it

I don't know what made me click on my horoscope. Maybe I was meant to do it. It must have been written in the stars.


Your natural mutable nature can usually weather many storms, but certain things can disrupt your personal energy and this is one day where this may happen. It's New Moon, in Aries once more, and the partial eclipse makes this a powerful cycle. As it stands something you started a few weeks ago is still in need of completion, and lucky for you, you have some more time available to do just that! Your desire to forge ahead is greatly increased, but bite the bit - and wait a couple of days until the eclipse energy has passed or things may get really messed up.

See the wonderful reward that lay waiting? It's a message telling me I should procrastinate! Whatever it was, I should leave it a couple more days. Can advice possibly get better than this?

What makes a confirmed skeptic click on horoscopes? I think it's the humour. A daily horoscope is a cerebral slapstick comedy where the writer shoulders his plank of text and swings it around without looking. The gullible reader cops it smack in the face, day after day but keeps getting up for more.