I updated my blog software to the latest version. It all looked good in Firefox. Then I tried it in IE6. Bleagh!

I've changed the style sheet to screw both of them now. They're still different, but at least the text is visible in both.

[Edit: I've just tried a pre-made template. It could be a while before I have this looking the way I want it.]

[Edit again: This takes too long. It will have to do for a while. I'm getting sick of it.]


The text is a little small for me. I can bump it up once, but doing it twice makes the headings wrap wrong.

Good call, JK. I've bumped it up a little. You may have to hit refresh to force it to reread the style sheet.

It's looking good to me. I particularly like the subtle off-grey in the background. Very classy. I ought to redo mine, and all. It's had the same lame-O picture on it forever.

Lovely limericks, too (in the next post). Had a good chuckle over those.

It's a common problem. I need to update the rest of my site. It's been languishing while my attention's been elsewhere.