September 2005


There's a researcher who does statistical analyses of studies. My favorite was the finding that kids eating a certain number of hot dogs had a statistically significant greater risk of developing leukemia. The number wasn't over 6 or anything but a range of like 12 to 18 hot dogs a month, with the risk going away if you ate more. It was a hoot. Just a random corellation with no causal link.

Oh no, jk. Hot dogs really do cause leukemia but the hot dog manufacturing industry lobby has been paying the FDA to cover it up!

And the hot dog study wasn't new. The link between hot dogs and death was documented by the Knights Templar in the 13th century. The Knights (early in the 14th century) sent hot dogs to Philip IV the Fair, resulting in the mysterious and untimely demise of his three sons, Louis, Philippe and Charles.