Return of the Kevin




There was I, patiently setting up a new computer. What was it that made me use Kevin as a screen wallpaper?

I have limited desk space, not really enough for both the old computer and the new one. I have to shuffle keyboards and mice around when I swap between them. I lifted one keyboard up to move it aside, and Surprise! Scuttling occured.

It was Kevin. Kevin had returned. It must have been him. The markings were the same. His April 2004 trip from my work to the tip in a plastic bag was the start of his epic journey. Who knows what obstacles he surmounted, what creatures he outwitted, what hardships he endured? Kevin had triumphed. Now he'd seen the summoning of the Roach-Signal projected on my screen at home, and he'd come.

I took him outside in a glass Roachmobile. Could this be the start of another adventure?


Go, Kevin, go! Go, Kevin! Go...away!

(I hate those things. You have to stamp on them about 1000 times before they die!)

Ewwwwwwww! My feet are twitching, just looking at that nasty creature. Where are my boots? Hey, I thought I saw a rolled-up newspaper somewhere....

He looks like a pathogenic bacteria farm on legs. Pfoo.