Rat-assisted double dactyl

Pattery, pattery,
Kaguya, mouse-daughter
born of a virgin doe
with no male spouse: 
sisterhood's saviour; her 
name shall be Mouse.

Seeing the beautiful double dactyl word "parthenogenesis" in this article, I couldn't resist.

Many thanks to bad rat Socar for her creative and critical input.

Other Double Dactyls


Mouse Pervert

It's private, don't try it--
You're looking--don't hide it!
Stop lying; stop prying
You nosey louse!

Protest--I don't buy it
You're causing a riot!
Sighing and trying to
Look at my mouse!

Woops, missed a line break, there. That first line should be two.

(I edited your comment to fix the line break.)

:D :D :D
We'll have none o' that pervert talk 'round 'ere, Ratty. ;)

Haha. I just like saying "pervert". It's one of the funniest words in the English language, I find. Really, the poem is quite innocent!