Random Thoughts

It's fun to go through the miscellaneous notes that I've jotted down while browsing and musing. In most cases I remember what triggered the thoughts, so they don't seem really weird to me. For your entertainment, I shall present a selection from the past few months in chronological order, but completely without context. Voila! Instant illusion of weirdo.

  • She sings her Truth into the spotless cradle
  • PR wins. There is no penalty for unapologetic dishonesty.
  • Some products work by good luck rather than good management.
  • Here you go, little world--a nice comfy handbasket. Enjoy the ride.
  • "You are mine"--words that never express love
  • The humourless are on the warpath.
    Time to rally to the defence of irreverence.
  • Consciousness is the recognition of self as a continuing entity
  • See, this lad who had thought about thinking,
    then thought about what he had done--
    he had an aversion to boundless recursion
    so made the mistake of assigning a fake
    sense of self to reflections and deep introspections,
    finding hierarchies where there were none.
  • I love the complex interplay of prude and lewd,
    the greying borders of might and right and rite,
    of foreign and fear,
    the religiously sharp perimeter of empathy.
  • Punctures are red,
    Bruises are blue;
    I'd colour your world
    If it wasn't taboo.
  • TV series: Voluntary Human Extinction Movement--The Next Generation
  • I went to the classroom of science,
    And heard what I could not believe:
    An argument wholly of holes
    That only the holy perceive.
  • Neologism of the day: Ununderestimable.
  • To foster evil: assume that your neighbour's current life is less important than what will follow it.
  • DD word: Swashbucklectomy
  • Hacking night through harrowed lungs
  • Dear Teddy, your left ear must Gogh.
  • Bernice Binturong


For a moment, there, I thought you stole one of my favourite Notepad files. "notes1," maybe, or "badideas3."

I grabbed all of your files last time I zombied your PC.
Don't worry. I wasn't planning to publish them until you're rich and famous. ;-)