Random bits

Some people derive comfort from the significance they assign to statistical extremes. I can't.

Literature isn't good because it's been in libraries for centuries. It's been in libraries for centuries because it's good.

See, I told you I was right...
Well, I was right at the time...
Given what we knew then...
Okay, given what I knew then....
Why didn't you explain?

Have you ever thought that the US may have reached such a size that no reputable person can possibly win the office of president.

Falling in love is like being a toon character who runs off the edge of a cliff. You stay aloft for a while, supported only by ignorance of your predicament. There is no going back. Just shrug and plummet.

Modern democracy:
Integrity applauded;
Dishonesty rewarded.

Religion is not always a destructive force. When its proponents focus on building inclusive communities rather than selective enforcement of archaic beliefs, they can have a positive influence in society.

My pathetic fallacy is crying out to be heard.

Passion for a subject is not an excuse for failing to understand your audience.