It's time for some paws.

Edit: Rats' comment on spiders reminded me. There is more to be said about paws.

These are the paws of a sleeping kitten. *pauses for collective sigh*
They are also the rapid-assault paws that burst out from under the bed to accost unsuspecting socks (on too many occasions).
They are small enough to fit under closed pantry doors to reach carelessly placed plastic bags.
Last night the paws used their in-built crampons to scale a security door (and have in the past been used to scale unprotected legs).
This morning those same paws terrorized a small spider in the bedroom.
At times they seem to be harrier paws for vertical take off and landing.

They're fun to play with.


Haaa! My connection choked as that image was loading, and, only able to see the top third or so, I thought I was looking at a BIG HAIRY SPIDERLEG!

I must have spiders on the brain, or something.

Paws are for kneading my shoulder at night, for grabbing my toe when I won't get out of bed, for grabbing the edge of the counter when I'm making food (in the hope that some will be coming down).

Lily (RIP) would reach out a paw to touch your cheek as you lay in bed. She'd be jammed into your shoulder and, just as you were about to throw her the length of the room in disgust, she'd stretch her leg, place the pads of her paw on your cheek and leave it there.