One nation under fear

 What can a government do when they've found that their accusations were wrong, and that they've turned a functioning human into a fear-paralysed zombie?

After spending more than 25 hours with Padilla, both psychiatric experts have concluded that his isolation and interrogation have resulted in so much mental damage that he is incompetent to stand trial.

 Well, what can they do?

The government maintains that whatever happened to Padilla during his detention is irrelevant, since no information obtained during that time is being used in the criminal case against him.


The government adamantly denies mistreating Padilla, though it does not dispute the particulars cited in Padilla's legal papers. Rather, the government says its treatment of Padilla was humane and notes that it provided medical treatment when necessary.

I saw V for Vendetta last night, and it's getting harder and harder to watch movies like that as fiction. How long will it be before the voters in the USA will listen to yet another government lie and give the appropriate response: "Bollocks!"?


Well, they sorta did last november. As for the guy on top, he can't be replaced for two more years. And he can't be impeached, as that would leave Cheney in charge, a man universally recognized to be much worse than Bush.

I thought they were in for some luck
With that Dubya a POTUS lame duck
That the Dems could impeach,
But with Dick in the breach
They'd get far too much bang for their buck.