Nearly M-Day

It's nearly M-Day here. I think my Mother's Day verse is as refined as it's going to get (to be posted on the VirJournal tomorrow). It's time to go and get a replacement ink cartridge for the printer before I print out The Card.

Miscellaneous egoboo: I spy four reference hits on VirJournal from people searching Google and Aol for mother's day poems. I ranked higher than expected on the searches--in the top four matches on each of them. I wonder if this year's verse will generate traffic next year.

Shameless plug: Teresa honours me by posting one of my double-dactyls on her CafePress site. Go and get yourself an "LL YR VWLS R BLNG T S" t-shirt, or a large comment thread mug (which includes another of my DDs).

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