Mother's Day

Mother's Day (MD). The militant merchants are in the dying throes of their web-based MD sensual assault. I find some amusement in the way some companies have been "smart" enough to realise that they don't have to think about MD advertising. Hey guys, just convert all our regular adverts by adding "for Mum" on every item. I'm sorry, but this just doesn't work for me. Here's why:

"Sexy lingerie for Mum"

Just no.
I could handle seeing "power tools for mum", even though I struggle to visualise my own mother using any. I can cope with "laptop for mum", but it does seem that MD is being elevated to staggeringly commercial heights when one has to spend several thousand dollars to tell mum she is special. I just do not want to think about buying alluring lingerie for my mother.

The MD gift that we bought yesterday did its work in the early hours of the morning. It kneaded and warmed a pumpkin bread dough, then cooked it for us. This morning we had fresh bread, if a little doughy. It shouldn't take long to perfect our bread-making skills. It may take a while to build up a resistance to the early-morning temptation of freshly-baked bread.

It's an early night for me tonight. I was up till 3am this morning finishing off my warped, cheesy MD poem, then up again around 8am. I'll be in bed before midnight tonight.