More publicity for the OEDILF

Chris Strolin of the OEDILF can be heard on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition. It's had its effect. Over the last 24 hours we've had about 20 new members sign up and contribute a limerick or two or three.

I must get back to writing some definitional limericks. Lately I've just been throwing in the occasional limerick in the forum discussions--the ones that take only a few minutes to write, e.g.,

I dropped the old line, "Never trust a person who can count up to 1023 on their fingers," and drew a puzzled reply. I had to elaborate:

To count up to ten twenty-three
On ten digits requires no degree.
If you're baffled then you
Should try thinking "base two"
Then the pow'r of the geek-side you'll see.

For phalangeal efficiency, you
Call each finger a power of two.
Digit up denotes "1";
Point it down to show none;
Do I need to give more of a clue?

And this one was a late night entry (the rhythm could do with some work in lines 1 and 2):

He always knows when I've been sleeping
Or if late night hours I'm keeping.
If he knows when I'm bad,
I.e., partially clad,
Then Claus is that creep who's been peeping.

[Edit: Dec 29th. Make that sixty-eight new contributing authors and several hundred limericks since the NPR interview aired on Christmas day.]