Lifting the Shroud of Turing

One of my engineers forwarded an email to me saying "I'm not sure if they understood what I wanted. What now?". He included his request for information and the reply that he had received from Logitech. Here is the reply:

Thank you for using Logitech's Electronic Technical Support. My name is Robert P. The following information addresses your original question. You may wish to print this out and/or save this on your computer.

If you want to harness the power of Logitech products-to bring the additional functionality of Logitech devices to environments where it doesn't currently exist-then the Logitech Solution Developer Kits (SDK) are for you. These SDKs are designed for software developers that have more specific needs than are addressed by the software that ships with each Logitech product.

For more information on the Logitech Developer Relations program, please visit the following URL:

What can I say? There is more than just a suspicion that "Robert" didn't understand the request. In fact Robert's full name is "Robert Pet", and he is probably considerably less intelligent than Eliza (Eliza passes Turing test) and would have real difficulty competing with Aibo (Aibo passes Turing test).

When strong AI proponents assert that AI will eventually surpass human intelligence I have to believe them - but not necessarily just from advances in artificial intelligence. ;)