Going out tonight

First of all, a gloat. Tonight: Elvis Costello and the Imposters.

And now, some recent limericks to fill out the rest of this post. These are just silly limericks, not OEDILF word definitions. They're from a forum thread where each limerick writer sets the next topic to be limericked. You never know what you'll get for a subject.


A priceless matched pair of blood rubies
Were nicked from the statuette's oobies.
The thief, not a spook,
Was unmasked -- "It's the duke!"
"Rooby roo!" One more solved by the Scoobies.

Mobile Phone

In a nature club just near Beijing
Standing rules say you don't wear a thing,
Nothing carried or held,
So they had me expelled
When my mobile phone started to ring.


A parapsychologist hoser
(An inveterate bullshit-composer)
Played the likeable fool
But his girl spoke for Zuul:
"We prepare for the coming of Gozer."


A writer, Miguel de Cervantes,
As a slave used to sing gay sea-shanties
For the grim pirate Bates
And the rest of the mates
Who had dressed up in wigs and lace panties.

(Miguel de Cervantes was enslaved by pirates for a number of years. One biographer claims he had latent homosexual tendencies. There is no factual evidence for the other suggestions in this limerick.)


What's the Elvis reference?

WifeOfVirge and I went to the Elvis Costello concert at the Palais theatre last night. I was gloating before the event because I thought it was going to be an absolutely fantastic concert. It was good entertainment, but failed to blow me away. Perhaps the fans (self included) are getting too old.

I saw him a few times in the late 70's in showcases at clubs. A friend worked for his record company. He had great, unrepeatable in public stories of EC & Co. acting like certifiable jerks.

I liked his punkiness. I was into the NYC punk scene. Most of the music was awful, but it had so much more energy than - god forbid - disco and country rock (Charlie Daniels Band? Marshall Tucker Band? Ye gods.) Punk spoke to the my generalized anger and self-destructiveness, traits that still emerge. Oddly enough, that old style punk was probably healthier than the big disco scene of Studio 54, Magique, etc.; far fewer drugs if you weren't into heroin, which I never was.

Better looking girls in the discos though. With high price tags. That probably hasn't changed. Better looking boys too. I wasn't around that scene when HIV hit. In those days, at 3AM, you might see groups of guys in loin cloths dancing in circles, sometimes with drums, a fertility ritual of uninhibited sexual overdosing. Quite a sight. Disco was just as loud as punk, but I always used cotton in my ears.