How to know when your religion is a fabrication:

  • When your omnipotent deity, for some reason, relies heavily on fallible human followers to perform physical actions.
  • When the natural events that you attribute to your deity affect believers and unbelievers alike without discernable favour.
  • When you know it must be true because of all those other intelligent people who believe it.
  • When you interpret people's dismissive reaction to it as being proof that you're onto something.
  • When the only way you can understand modern science is to assume all scientists are conspiring against your deity.
  • When the only way you can understand other religions is to assume that a malevolent entity is blinding or influencing their followers.
  • When the only place you need to look to improve your understanding is within your religion's published literature.
  • When you know that scholars who share your religion are inherently more trustworthy than other scholars.
  • When you think that a few provably true statements in its teachings validate the rest.
  • When your unchanging deity, on record as having demanded complete slaughter of an unbelieving tribe (including babies) is your definition of love, mercy, and justice.
  • When the other religions are based on stuff made up by people, but yours is based on divinely inspired teaching delivered through divinely selected prophets.
  • When there are definitely no inconsistencies in it, but it does have difficult issues that are beyond mere human understanding.
  • When you know that its teachings were misapplied in the past with horrible consequences, but believe that your current interpretations and their social implications are correct.
  • When figures claiming to speak for your religion express foolish and intolerant views, but you won't publicly denounce them for fear of either (a) presenting a divided view, or (b) being seen as having less faith or piety.
  • When it teaches you to ascribe all happy experiences to your deity, and all unhappy experiences to other sources.
  • When any good you do is merely an expression of your deity's goodness, but any evil you do is of your own sinful nature.
  • When speaking against it would break your relationship with your parents.
  • When it tries to make you happy about a loved one's death.

If any of the above signs are evident in your religion, seek advice from a freethinker.