Fictionology Gets Bad Press

[From Pharyngula: It sounds so absurd, it might just be real…] Why oh why oh why must reporters pretend that all Fictionologists believe the same things? Read this pathetic mischaracterization in The Onion. And they quote a plastic surgeon saying:

"Sure, it's total bullshit," Jurgenson added. "But that's Fictionology. Praise Batman!"

That's disgusting! How can they call that fair and balanced reporting?!? Of course they only interview the Fictionology extremists--the Batman-worshippers, the big-budget Hollywood plastic-fiction Ellroyites--and make out that those are the views of the whole religion. By Zaphod, that makes me mad. People like Jurgenson give Fictionology a bad name.

Talk to any Rational Fictionologist and you'll understand that what we have is a sensible and logical faith. Fiction is only "pretend" while it's forming in the mind of an Author. Once it's published, it's real. (BTW, retcon is for the faithless hacks who lack the imagination to see the potential truth of Real Fiction.)

It's clear that we Rational Fictionologists need to do a better job of promoting our beliefs.