Who is the fairytale me? There is a new thread in the photography section of EK for people to post "The fairytale you". So far it has some wonderful photomanipulations of EK members dressed up and distorted to be witches, elves, vampires etc. Who should I be when my fantasy imagination runs loose?
I thought of just posting the Virge=Lucifer picture, but most people on EK have seen that one. I want to do something different. Virge as a wizard could be good, but with a bald head I think I could do a warrior more convincingly. I shall be Granthug the Solid.
I'll take a head and shoulders shot of Granthug looking mean. He shall wear magical spiky armour manufactured by the Povray elves. Behind him, in the flickering gloom of candle light, the rack of swords will glint.