Evacuation Redux

A full night of sleep has cleared my head and allowed me to review the events of last night. It is apparent to me now that the theatre evacuation was no minor security scare or safety problem. It was clearly one of the slickest and most efficient cover-ups in the history of black helicopters. It would have been impossible to conduct without advanced mind control, well beyond the current state of human technology.

Here are the clues that led me to a greater understanding of what had been done:

1. SonOfVirge commented as we left the theatre that time had passed very quickly since we entered. He was surprised at the lateness of the hour. This observation, coming from a teenager for whom several hours at a screen are credited as "just a few minutes", should have told me that something unusual was happening.

2. There was a complete absence of anxiety in the crowd. The crowd's phlegmatic uncritical acceptance of the need to evacuate, together with my own uncharacteristic self-censored curiosity should have not only been ringing alarm bells, it should have had Mike Oldfield's greatest hit on track-repeat.

3. Most importantly, the evacuation served to interrupt my viewing of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The parallels between real life events and elements of the plot should have been a giveaway. The only thing that could have stopped me seeing the connection last night is mind-control.

I guess they didn't count on any of the victims wearing a tinfoil hat to bed. I'll tell more of my revelation later. Right now I have to go and see my private brain-care specialist.