End of a Space Opera

Star Wars Episode III.

Surreal scenery. Scintillating cities. Sensational stunts.

Script sucked.

See spoiler.

Anakin Skywalker
Begs a fair trial for
Chancellor Pulp,

Then slaughters character
Keeping Darth trite for the
Public to gulp.

Yes, I could feel Anakin's internal turmoil. Old Palps sowed distrust and lust for power in young Ana. In his mind, the lust for power had one justification--saving Padmé. Anakin was confused and torn when Windu looked set to carve the chancellor, so he stops it by disarming Windu. What happens next?

Chancellor Palpatine, with gleeful malice and a display of extreme power, shows that he was lying when he pleaded powerlessness some 10 seconds ago. Anakin then drops to his knees and swears alliegance to this liar and goes out to slaughter kids. Huh? Slaughtering innocents in anger and revenge after the death of his mother was credible. Slaughtering just the Jedi he mistrusted would have been enough of an imaginative stretch. Had we seen more of a growing suspicion that the Jedi were implicated in causing Padmé's death, we could have seen a motive for his sudden turn.

As it was depicted, Anakin is transformed from a complex tortured character with understandable failings and a love for Padmé strong enough to compromise his moral values, into a simple, unthinking, baby-killing ideologue whose power lust stops him even caring about Padmé's distress. Must evilness always be this shallow?

Let's not even start talking about the B-grade sci-fi lines delivered during conflict scenes.