PZ and many others have noted and ranted.

George W. Bush, September 2005:

"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."

Scientific American, October 2001:

New Orleans is a disaster waiting to happen...

A direct hit is inevitable. Large hurricanes come close every year...

Since the late 1980s Louisiana's senators have made various pleas to Congress to fund massive remedial work...

Bush's statement would be better abbreviated to "I don't think."


Hey, what happened to the poem that was here yesterday? I came back to read it again, and, well, I can only conclude that the Flying Spaghetti Monster ate it. Spaghetti giveth, and spaghetti taketh away, eh?

And, yes, GWB's not the best banana in the bunch.

I came back to it after a couple of days and it sounded too grumpy and self-absorbed, so I pulled it.

I was planning to replace it with something more whimsical, but everything I've started lately gets to be half-whimsied, and then refuses to cooperate. It's been that way for attempts at PhaWRONGula entries too. Maybe I'm losing access to Neverland. (Nah. I'll just leave it a few days and I'll be back in.)

Oh, don't you just hate when you yank a post, and then some berk comments on its removal, so you know for SURE they saw the damn thing?

I don't mind too much. I won't be embarrassed if it shows up in a Google cache, or even burned into someone's memory. In fact, I note it's still available in the public history of the RSS aggregator I use--bloglines.com. I may even republish that entry one day. It just looked sad to have posted so intermittently on my journal, then to throw up an inwardly focused verse. The impression it would have given would have been a gross distortion of how I've been feeling.

Well, that's good to hear, any road. Although, I didn't interpret that poem as being about your actual feelings. I can't imagine you considering yourself unloved/abandoned. I figured it was just a poem about the human condition in general.

A lot of my verses have their roots in my own feelings. I'll start with something that has affected me personally, stew over it and recognize where it has happened in others or has been portrayed in stories, then write about it in first person. What results is still a personal expression, albeit in a distorted, exaggerated form that doesn't reflect reality.

Just make sure you avoid words like "bleak", "dirge", and "sanguine", and you should be all right.

Hey- I love the comment about Bush that says "I don't think" ! Very funny.