I don't remember dreams very often. Either I don't dream very much or I forget them.
I had a strange dream a couple of nights ago. It was strange because it ended with a chase where I had no problems avoiding being caught - no stumbling or tripping, no lack of energy, and no fear of the pursuer. It was only a short dream as I remember it. There was a house. From the later chase I recognise its location as that of a house I grew up in.
A fellow EK member was in the house with some other people. He had a collar and chain, like a dog. I had to avoid him, but that was easy. I just had to keep out of the limits imposed by his chain. When he tried to bite me (and for some reason this evoked no fear) I just had to step far enough away and he was brought up short by his chain.
There was another person in the house and I think he was a guy who works in a different department at my work - a person I have spoken with in the past but do not keep a close working relationship. When the EK guy couldn't get to me, I heard the work colleague saying "not a problem - I'll be able to keep within a few paces of him" (referring to me) "and I'll catch him". On hearing this, I trotted off out to the street. I was being chased but not closely. I headed down the street and was most of the way round the block - pausing every now and then to allow my pursuer the chance to get back within visible range.
End of Dream.
I think I understand why the guy from work appeared in my dream. In that same department, another guy I know has just had a heart attack. Why there was an EK member in there as well I have no idea.