Blogging seems to be easy for some. There is a never-ending stream of strange, wonderful, outrageous, depressing, enlightening events that march in regular formation through some lives. Am I so unperceptive that I miss opportunities to recount drama? Is my safe suburban life so padded with buffering and insulation that these events just cannot happen? Do the most interesting bloggers exaggerate the small things, or perhaps even deliberately make choices that result in dramatic incidents? Maybe I just over-react to my dramatophilic acquaintances and deliberately play down the things I should get excited about. Or maybe...
...maybe I am fated by the Gods of Oz to live an uneventful life.
Bruces (god of culture-free entertainment): "We've devised some new fun."
Steves (god of mindless outdoor activities): "Crikey Bruces! Isn't Oz-Rulez football good enough for ya?"
Bruces: "They're changing the rules to make it safer for the players. How un-Oz is that? We needed a special project to keep us from going mad as a dingo's social worker."
Steves: "Whatcha planning?"
Bruces: "We've selected one poor sod and removed all the stressful happenings from his life for the first forty-odd years. In fact, we've given him an extra lick of luck to make troubles disappear like promises after an election."
Steves: "But where's the entertainment in that, mate?"
Bruces: "It leaves him completely unprepared, Steves. We haven't actually removed the nasty bits; we've just saved them up ready to dump on him all at once."
Steves: "Gawd Bruces, we'd like to see that!"
Bruces: "Any time now, Steves. Any time."