Delayed Double Dactyl

I should have added this DD last week. It was written in response to Bad Rat Socar's further attempts to blame birds for toad-rage.

Rattus socraticus
Learingly libelled my
Fine feathered friends,

Only to open her
Up to the larks of li-
tigious new trends.


You may have me licked on the double-dactyl front, but--B-U-T! The latest intelligence from the toad front says it IS birds, and all! They aren't causing toads to explode, though. They're just eating them exceptionally messily, and leaving them splattered about. Passers-by, seeing the mess, have jumped to a grotesque conclusion. (via

Murders of Packbawkies
Tear up the toads in an
Elbe burlesque,

Leaving a carpet of
Hamburgers; Ratty, that's
So Pythonesque!