Consumer of time

Today, Sunday, was a day of religious observance. I started the day with a visit to a place of worship. I was lucky to find a parking spot close to the town hall. The faithful had converged on the hall, drawn by a deep, inner need.

Inside the hall it was hard to move. Bodies moved to and fro, laminar at the entrance, turbulent once inside. Much of what was said sounded foreign to me, but the nature of what was discussed was clear.  I saw many people leave with joy and fulfillment. I left feeling empty. 

I did, however, have a plan. Since the computer swap meet had proved unrewarding, I dropped into my local computer parts store (priced within a couple of dollars of any of the prices at the swap meet, and more likely to be there if I have to take any purchases back) and bought a new hard disc. This was my self-imposed penance task for the rest of today -- a complete reinstall of everything. Of course I had to work out how to transfer mail folders to the new installation and had to track down where some of the installation discs had been hidden, and search through old files and piles of stuff.

The upgrade is done now.  All the major programs are reinstalled. Anything else can be installed when I need to use it.

Now I must get to bed. The cold I came down with at the end of last week is turning into a congested chest with an intermittent cough.

[Edit: The above is an example of why one shouldn't post blog entries while falling asleep. I've corrected the obvious spelling errors, but the entrenched tedium will remain.]