I bought the Two Towers soundtrack CD on Saturday. I had been enjoying mp3 tracks from it lately. It's just perfect for moody instrumental background while I read or ponder.

I saw pure, unbridled excitement yesterday. It was a niece's 8th birthday. On her mother's recommendation we bought her a Harry Potter movie. She was kneeling down at a coffee table to open presents. On unwrapping the movie she knee-bounced all the way across the room and back, beaming and shrieking about how she had been wanting this for soooo long. Good choice of present.

I'd been looking for a new phone handset over the last week. I figured a Nokia 3315 was a reasonable choice considering how little we use it. Everywhere I looked the price was exactly the same - A$229 - the recommended retail price. On Saturday morning I decided to ring a few places. I figured there had to be more competition in a consumer market like mobile handsets. Sure enough, a shop in the next suburb had them for $50 cheaper. (Approximately 2 CD's cheaper. WifeOfVirge bought a CD too.)