I'm glad I have it. It is one of the things I like about myself. I often take it for granted, but every now and then it reminds me how useful it can be.
Yesterday morning I wrote a little program. I tested it with some dummy data. It worked exactly as expected. Today I fed some real data to it and it produced strange results - very strange. It seemed like it was possessed. I had no source code for the program with me at work, so I mentally filed away the symptoms and made a mental note to debug it this evening.
About an hour later, I paused from my work for a moment to review the problem symptoms. Within 30 seconds, the reason for the strange behaviour clicked. I won't have to do any debugging this evening, after all. I shall make one tiny change to the program and it will work.
I like my brain. It's my wetware pal who's fun to be with.