Book of Keys

Here is the reading from the book of Keys, chapter 22.

And he spake this parable unto them, saying,

A son gathered books together and went out in the morning before the appointed hour of departure.

His father was yet within the home, busying himself with the duties of the morning.

The son stood outside and sneezed onto his hand, having not brought with him a nosecloth.

And the son was moved to wrath, for although the hour of departure was not yet come, he judged that he had not time to fetch a nosecloth.

The father, knowing not of his son's discomforture, called out to his son, saying "return to thy room, for thou hast not gathered thy raiments to be washed and thy mother starteth her washing."

The son rebuked him, saying "there is not time".

The father said, "there is yet time, for the hour of departure has not come and even I am not yet ready."

Then a demon entered into the boy and he flung himself headlong to his room.