Blog Day

As you can see, I've started blogging today. I included the past few days so that there is at least some reading material for anyone who sees this.
I borrowed a library book on Comedy Writing (Jenny Roche) last night. Good reading so far. It is based on the premise that humorous writing can be taught to people who are not comedians, and that analysis of comedy can help one more reliably produce "funnies". From the first few chapters I see it has a high emphasis on responsibility and avoiding misuse of humour.
I borrowed a couple of other books as well: Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card and Axiomatic (a collection of short stories) by Greg Egan.
I finished reading "I, Lucifer" (Glen Duncan) last night. It was a very good read all the way through. To me it fell just a little flat at the end. The richness of descriptions is astounding. His distracted and parenthetical style just occasionally goes so far over the top that the main thread of story gets lost.
The sheep poem got some very favorable responses and got a mention in EK news. :) Long live the sheepies.