I apologize for my conformity and complacency,
for my lack of voracious zeal
in attacking every injustice,
past, present, future,
and in all the other possible worlds my descendants may find accessible.

I apologize for my twin spring
of emotion and invention
for my overreaching engineering urge to solve problems
before I understand them.

I apologize for my intrinsic coil
of undeniable self-interest,
of xenophobic, planet-crushing potential,
of curiosity, creativity and compassion.

I apologize for my inheritance
of uncontrollable comfort in my formative years;
I didn't deserve it. It was forced upon me.

I apologize for the continuing ignorance
that prevents me from remedying
the inadequacies of human cultures
without changing those cultures.

I apologize for claiming
responsibility for consequences
for which temporal considerations deny me causal efficiency.
I only do it to draw attention to my sensitivity credibility
and because you seem to value it.

I apologize for my considered opinion
that one program to redress current inequities
is worth far more than a thousand apologies.