Be reasonable

In a discussion on Pharyngula about the necessity of reason, I wondered what would happen if I adopted Berkeley's subjective idealism:

Bishop Berkeley's existence was crammed
in his mind. His philosophy slammed
what he couldn't perceive.
I'll refuse to believe
in these bullets, so physics be dam-UGH!

And since I was in a mood for bashing the bishop:

Bishop Berkeley's religion subverted
his morals. His head was inserted
so far up his tush
that he started to push
Christian slavery: "Come, be converted!"

Alluring Legs

Cross-posted from PhaWRONGula: Voluptuously Veiled.

They're luminous, leggy and lissome,
In diaphanous drag
. Don't dismiss 'em.
You see, I'm a sucker
For 'podes when they pucker,
But I can't find the courage to kiss 'em.

How to write limericks

I'm finding some satisfaction at my work. System design problems to solve - number crunching, algorithms, a smattering of statistics and signal processing. Now I remember why I'm employed.
The patent committee have started prodding me on some work I did a year or so ago. I lost interest, figuring it would never get resourced. I procrastinated on detailed diagrams and figures. Now it looks like I have to extract the digit.

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