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Question: Consider the culpability of a doctor in a HIV/patient confidentiality case. A couple went to a doctor together to be tested for aids. The doctor gave individual reports to each patient, but didn't share the report results with the other member of the couple. The aids result was positive for the guy. The guy lied to his prospective spouse and claimed that his results were negative. The marriage proceeded and the woman was then infected. Is the doctor culpable?
Which is more important - patient confidentiality or duty of care? Under what circumstances can a doctor breach confidentiality?
Is it right to sue a well-financed doctor because he could have acted, instead of taking action against a person who has deliberately and maliciously concealed life threatening information?


I don't remember dreams very often. Either I don't dream very much or I forget them.
I had a strange dream a couple of nights ago. It was strange because it ended with a chase where I had no problems avoiding being caught - no stumbling or tripping, no lack of energy, and no fear of the pursuer. It was only a short dream as I remember it. There was a house. From the later chase I recognise its location as that of a house I grew up in.
A fellow EK member was in the house with some other people. He had a collar and chain, like a dog. I had to avoid him, but that was easy. I just had to keep out of the limits imposed by his chain. When he tried to bite me (and for some reason this evoked no fear) I just had to step far enough away and he was brought up short by his chain.
There was another person in the house and I think he was a guy who works in a different department at my work - a person I have spoken with in the past but do not keep a close working relationship. When the EK guy couldn't get to me, I heard the work colleague saying "not a problem - I'll be able to keep within a few paces of him" (referring to me) "and I'll catch him". On hearing this, I trotted off out to the street. I was being chased but not closely. I headed down the street and was most of the way round the block - pausing every now and then to allow my pursuer the chance to get back within visible range.
End of Dream.
I think I understand why the guy from work appeared in my dream. In that same department, another guy I know has just had a heart attack. Why there was an EK member in there as well I have no idea.

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